FASHION TIPS 21 May 2023

Dive into Summer 2023 With Our Exciting Range of Wholesale Swimwear

Embrace the heat with our summer 2023 wholesale swimwear collection. Discover our high-quality swimwear collection from renowned brands like Champion, Karl Lagerfeld, Robe Di Kappa, Billabong, Roxy, Twinset, and Chicco. Get your store stocked with the ultimate summer looks for women, men, and kids!

With the days getting longer and the promise of summer 2023 ever closer, there is limited time left to prepare your store for the anticipated surge in swimwear demand. Luckily for you, we’ve been preparing all winter long, curating a selection of wholesale swimwear from renowned brands to ensure that your customers have the selection they crave.

In our women's swimwear collection, we've got a vast selection of brands, from those that are synonymous with stylish designs to those that embody surf culture and durable designs. Champion delivers sporty swimsuits, from stylish one-pieces to versatile bikinis and beach towels, that can cater to seasoned swimmers as well as those who are simply enjoying an after-work dip. For the fashion-forward shoppers seeking high-end luxury on their European holidays, Karl Lagerfeld's swimwear offers a beautiful range of sophisticated designs that stand out at the pool or beach.

Robe Di Kappa's wholesale swimwear collection offers timeless pieces with clean lines and quality fabrics, perfect for customers who appreciate added elegance. The surf brands, Billabong and Roxy not only bring a laid-back surf culture vibe to your offering, but they are also synonyms with quality, offering vibrant yet comfortable pieces that can weather any wave. Twinset provides an enchanting collection rich in embellishments and femininity, adding a touch of whimsy to your store’s swimwear offerings.

For the men's swimwear line, our wholesale collections blend functionality with style. With its roots in surf culture, Billabong offers durable and trendy swim shorts that will appeal to your customers who want to catch some waves or rays. Champion, which is known for its on-trend sportswear, offers swim trunks that combine performance with style, perfect for customers who seek comfort without compromising on looks. The iconic high-fashion brand, Karl Lagerfeld, provides a swimwear line that embodies effortless elegance, catering to men who enjoy a touch of luxury.

When it comes to kidswear, we're stocked up on the beloved brand Chicco. Their line of children's swimwear is as playful and comfortable, offering vibrant colours and patterns that kids will love. This selection ensures even the youngest customers are catered to, with options that are as stylish as they are practical.

Bundlex is here to help you prepare for the summer season with a curated selection of wholesale swimwear. Whether your customers are looking for high-fashion, sporty, minimalist, or surf-inspired designs, our collection has you covered. By offering a diverse range of styles from these premium brands, you can ensure your shop will be the go-to destination for swimwear this Summer. Empower your customers to make a splash and embrace the upcoming summer season in style with Bundlex's wholesale swimwear collection.

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