How it works
Shop a vast selection of trendy items of the most coveted Italian Brands from home.
We’ll take care of everything else, delivery included.
How it works

To guarantee you the best prices, we buy directly from the Brands, with no middle person

Our expert buyers buy the latest trends directly from the Brands warehouses. To guarantee the authenticity of all the items, all items are certified.

How it works

All the goods purchased in big batches are individually handled by us

To ensure that products are in perfect condition, they undergo quality and compliance checks once they reach the warehouse. This makes sure that all the items are ready to ship once purchased through the platform.

We provide flexible orders with the freedom to order just as many products or sizes as you please. In addition, we want to provide retailers with the ability to build assortments across categories and brands. Our minimum order amount is as little as €500, enabling retailers of all sizes to access premium off-price wholesale items.

How it works

The whole catalogue is digitalised

Our platform is designed to be a virtual showroom. We photograph every item in the catalogue so that you can see the products come to life and eliminate the need to examine the product in person.

However, if you prefer a hands-on approach, we offer the opportunity for you to visit our 1,000sqmt showroom in Italy, where our assistant buyers can work with you to have the best experience.

How it works

We take care of the delivery

We have an internal customs warehouse that can deliver directly to your house or shop, as well as a dedicated office that takes care of export procedures. Or, if you prefer to organise the delivery yourself, you can pick it up directly from our warehouses.

How it works

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