FASHION TIPS 13 December 2022

Winter Coats Your Customers Will Actually Want To Wear

Looking to add some wholesale designer jackets to your collection? From cosy down jackets to stylish bomber jackets, here are the premium luxury coats that your customers will actually want to wear this winter.

A great coat is the most essential piece in any winter wardrobe, making it an essential piece for your offering. But with so many shapes, sizes, fabrics and features, sometimes picking the right ones for your customers can feel overwhelming. The truth is, there is no one-size fit’s all solution, with the right outerwear for your store depending on your customer’s wants and needs. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve decided to break it down to help you pick the right jackets from our discounted premium brands for your customers this winter.

Down Jackets

If your customers are the outdoorsy type, who spend their weekends walking their dog, venturing into the beautiful but muddy countryside and love to end the day with a Sunday roast at the local pub, then a down Jacket is for them. Down jackets are the perfect practical jacket that will keep them feeling snug while also looking stylish. Brands to include in your collection are POST CARD and Champion


Bomber Jackets

If your customers are city slickers who are commuting to the office or just hanging about town, then you’ll catch them wearing the sleek and stylish bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for layering and slipping on and off as your customers jump on and off the train. Brands to include in your collection are Champion wholesale

Trench Coats

Timeless and chic, the trench coat is a must-have for your winter collection for a reason. Trench coats are the perfect jacket for those who like to turn heads as much as they like to stay toasty. It is a staple that comes in all colours, shapes and sizes and let’s face it can be worn by all customers alike. Whether they’re a mum doing a school run, a CEO on their way to a business meeting or a graphic designer heading to the studio, they’re likely to fall in love with a chic trench coat. Brands to include in your collection are Trussardi wholesale, Twinset wholesale


Often overlooked, gilets are becoming more and more on-trend and so must be included in a winter coat round-up. Perfect for those who are a little indecisive, gilets are the perfect in-between outfit for those times your customers are not quite sure if it’s coat weather. As they are able to keep you from overheating and freezing at the same time, gilets are also a favourite amongst the active types. Brands to include in your collection are Champion wholesale

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